Friday, February 7, 2014

Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations

The lack of immigration reform is just the result of ignorant people of the pasty persuasion fearful that they'll eventually become the minority and then they'll be on the persecution end for a change. The thing is, by 2050, whether they like it or not, the white race will indeed be the minority as the nation, if it doesn't blow itself up, becomes more of the melting pot it always was, and we then finally resemble the rest of the planet. Star Trek's IDIC ( Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) coming true, and I'll be smiling from the Next World.

If I were ever insane enough to get married again, it would hopefully be to someone like Rachel Maddow; the story she did tonight on the theft and recovery of a Stradivarius violin by the Milwaukee police with the help of the FBI Art Recovery team (yes that is real), leading up to microstamping technology that could be used to solve crimes involving bullets and firing pins was very cool, a true story that could be an entertaining, James Bond like film. She always manages to assemble interesting and intricate pieces, scoops and revealing news that challenge the mind and open doors to truth not often seen in media. Kudos to her and to her network for keeping her kind of Stradivarius quality reporting.

Is it odd for me to continue to grieve for Philip Seymour Hoffman, someone I never knew but whose work, honesty, generosity and altruism I admired? Maybe, but that doesn't lessen the profound sense of loss I feel about his passing. Seems like the best of us gets taken way too soon. That said, I'll probably outlive all y'all.