Saturday, April 26, 2014


Holy shit on a shingle in Chicago, is the United States becoming 1980s South Africa?
  • If it isn't SCOTUS gutting voting rights for people of color, 
  • if it isn't Cliven Bundy talking like he doesn't have a KKKlue, 
  • if it isn't Clippers owner Donald Sterling saying that black people are the enemy; 
  • if it isn't a Kansas school butthurt about FLOTUS speaking at their graduation; 
  • if it isn't all the vitriol against POTUS; 
  • if it isn't the Republican Party trying and often succeeding in making it nearly impossible for people of color to vote; 
  • if it isn't capping people of color for walking at night while black or playing music; 
  • if it isn't the stand your ground laws being misused to target people of color; 
  • if it isn't judging people by watching Maury & Jerry Springer. 
  • I could go on, but then I'd be writing a goddamn novel...
What the f*ck, people...this shit's gotta stop or we're toast as a so-called civilized society.