Sunday, April 27, 2014

Don Sterling and the 1% [Warning: Blue Language]

Um, Don Sterling---you don't GIVE your players food, clothes and cars.

They earn them.

By working.

You know---that thing you do when you want money to buy things.

This is the typical 1%er. They think that we all owe them our lives. We don't owe them shit...except maybe a fully charged cattle prod rammed up their ass to wake them the f*ck up from their stupor. Before corporations, people worked and made things on their own to trade for other things that other people made. In fact, until recently, people used to barter. Now, we all work for pieces of fancy looking paper that we in turn use to buy stuff that we need to exist, often times worth much less than the work that we do....but we still do it in order to live and make sure our families do as well. 

So, in summation...F*CK YOU, DON and your 1% the ass with a chainsaw strap-on. You f*ckers need to shut the f*ck up and leave us the hell alone.