Monday, June 30, 2014


This (I keep thinking how much they've [CENSORED] us lately, hence my misspelling) ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby(ists) sets a precedent; that anybody running a company can run their employees like indentured servants and then dump them like garbage for "religious" or any reason, and deny them health benefits guaranteed under the ACA law. 

Maybe I should start a Cronut store, hire some people, and then behead them using Sharia Law. 

Or, I could start a Bagel store, hire some folks, and then lop off their dingles claiming that I'm a moyl and that it's my religious right to lop off people's dingles to make sure they're circumcised. 

Or I could fire employees because I think they're gay. After all, wearing pink is an automatic gay-fail. 

Yep, America, we've lurched back into the Middle Ages. If this is the future you want, don't bother voting in November. I mean, meh, it's just the mid-terms, right?