Thursday, July 31, 2014

Despite what seems like devolution, there is hope for humanity.

There are 4 known fundamental forces, (weak force, strong force, electromagnetism, gravity), 4 forms of matter/energy (energy, matter--which is a slower vibratory state of energy, dark energy, dark matter) and all are unified by an ethereal 5th element: LOVE, which can also be described as a manifestation of what humanity would concede is God/Goddess/UniversalSoul/HigherConsciousness. 

Scientists will eventually come to a general consensus that love is just as important to existence as the four forces and the four forms of matter-energy. 

As a person with Asperger's, I see things outside the box and often, without much fanfare, predict a lot of stuff. While I often sound fatalistic in reference to the apocalyptic nature and behavior of humanity as an allegedly intelligent species, I am also aware that there is a collective conscious shift toward enlightenment. 

Once we get away from dogma and narrow mindedness, humanity will evolve.


Be cool, be nobody's fool, and don't dismiss the bliss...