Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Aliens and Alienated

Aliens have been visiting this planet since time immemorial. It's just a fact of life. In a universe of 100's of billions of galaxies, each containing an average of 100-400 billion stars, each of them harboring at least one planet, in a universe we see only 20% of, that has existed 13.8 billion years, our earth 4.7 billion of those years, our little blue world can't have been ignored for that long a time.

Ask yourself this one question, in a world where the United States is the only country that denies their existence (even Russia agrees that some UFOs are not of this earth), why are we kept in the dark?

Sometimes I wonder if we are a game reserve...a place in the universe that more advanced cultures have been warned to stay away from, possibly because anything we don't understand or accept gets a bullet? If we are being invaded...they're sure taking a long time doing it, no?

Unless the tea party is it. Now THAT's scary.