Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Electing and Re-Electing Evil People

By sitting home watching Honeybooboo, The Kardashians and Schmuck DieNasty, you succeeded in electing and re-electing evil people whose agenda has proven to be detrimental to the freedoms and benefits our veterans, who they vilify, gave their hearts, minds and bodies for, many of whom came home in body bags or who ended up homeless while the politicians just line their pockets with working people's money. 

You will find just how evil when your wages remain stagnate or your job is outsourced to India or China or wherever, when your president is impeached for doing his job while Congress sits on its dead ass collecting their welfare check of $200K while you bitched that your so-called layabout neighbor tries to eke out survival on $130 a month when there are no jobs. 

You WERE the government, Americans. Now you are the playthings of the powerful. I wouldn't bitch so much if I didn't have skin in the game, and now while I wither and die, I watch my country doing the same. I was caught in your crossfire. 

Gee, thanks.