Friday, December 12, 2014

All Is Not Lost Unless You Want It To Be So.

WE are the fucking gov't---that's how it was originally set up, anyway. We decided, over the past few decades or so, to let MONEY take over so we can have more time to bask in the Kardashians' asses, to laugh at how stupid Honeybooboo is, all the while embracing stupidity ourselves. 

WE create our own demons, both through inaction and by failed action. The most important job we have is as citizen. We have failed at that, so guess who's to blame for corruption, for morons running our Congress, for income inequality, for labor rights and civil rights being gutted, for all kinds of Draconian, not the republicans....US. 

We are the gov't. We did not do our duty by voting....but we did do our doody...and now we're swimming in it. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. It's Yes WE can, not Yes SOMEBODY ELSE can. We forgot the "we" part. 

I know no one will give 2 fucks what I say as what I say ends up being a fart in a hurricane, but in the event somebody does take it to heart, keep in mind, all is not lost unless you want it to be. Be that change...VOTE. ORGANIZE. RESIST, REVOLT, REBOOT, REFORM.

Have a wonderful weekend.