Friday, December 12, 2014

Why I Agree WIth POTUS on CROMnibus

Some folks on both sides of the aisle bitching about the CROMnibus bill (I say that because Conan the Barbarian---not the red haired talk show host referred to his God as CROM) bill passing with added shit in it neither side likes.

RepublikKKans don't like most of it because it 1. funds the "gummint, 2. sick people continue to get insurance, 3. it funds the war against both ISIS and Ebola, 4. Nana gets her social security check and doesn't have to eat her cat, 5. anything else that normal people would accept as logical. 

Democrats hate that Dodd-Frank is curtailed making the big banks able to once again gamble with taxpayer money as they did up to 2007, destroying our economy and that individual donations to either DNC or RNC candidates is now in the stratosfear (yes I spelled that wrong on purpose). What people who still having a fucking brain cell don't realize is that this is a compromise bill that funds the government so we have our services. 

What is the choice here....don't vote for the bill and everything goes south like it did in October of 2013 costing this country 24 billion? In years past, this wouldn't be an issue, but we now live in an OILigarchy where big money controls everything because we didn't....say it with me....FUCKING VOTE!!!!!!! We have idiots running our goddamn congress!!!! Why? Because you didn't VOTE!!!!!!!! 

So, if you're pissed that the government is funded for a year, TOUGH SHIT!!! Next time, VOTE!!!!!!!!