Thursday, December 18, 2014

Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty? I Don't Know, I Just Drank.

  • Stock Market back up around 17,600 or so. 
  • Gas prices under 3 bucks around the country, some places under $2/gal. 
  • Longest straight period of job growth in history,
  • Business net profit exceeding 2.2 trillion,
  • People who could never get health insurance now for first time in history, have it (until the gops destroy it, that is), 
  • Wars winding down, 
  • No terror events on American soil since 9/11, 
  • Bin Laden capped and deader than a doornail, 
  • Crime down despite cable news making mountains out of molehills, 
  • Banner year for retail. 

Thank you, President Obama. 

No thank you, worst Congress in history, passing nearly NO legislation to benefit anyone other than themselves.

No thank you again to possibly an even worse Congress in 2015, out to unravel all the good I just mentioned.

That's the consequences of NOT VOTING. 

Remember that when the breadlines start next year.