Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why "Person Of Interest" Remains Cool

Person of Interest (CBS, Tuesday Nights 10 PM) rocked the house tonight. Looks like Samaritan & The Machine are going to war. January's episode 2 of the trilogy looks bleak for our heroes. The key to Samaritan's demise was revealed in this episode, however, as it calls itself a God. If you have to call yourself a God, kinda like politicians, it usually turns out your ego defeats you. The Machine, however, must win out for 2 reasons...it has evolved beyond comprehension into a sentient being with a moral code and something Samaritan lacks...love of the species it was designed to protect; and because we won't have a series if it doesn't win. If J J Abrams should know by the loss of Almost Human, Believe, Alcatraz, Revolution, etc. Ya keep what works. And for all it's sci-fi thriller stuff, Person Of Interest is still just a basic story about morality and how humans can transcend their primal selves.