Friday, October 2, 2015


Holey Shiiite on a shingle, I'm often despondent, have only a few friends, no girlfriend for over 20 years, but Cheeses on a goddamn fake Ritz cracker, I channel my "lot in life" by being creative, entertaining people who'd ordinarily ignore my ass, collate the largest movie and music archive this side of the Pecos and make fun of politicians, who are the most deserving of our collective disdain; but I've never owned a gun, never fired anything other than a toy; and sure's hell never needed one (except for that time in Jersey when this mob guy got pissed because I hung up a phone in a bar, but that's another funny story). 

That man who shot up all those students in Oregon never should have been allowed to possess a firearm. 

F**k your 2nd Amendment with a chainsaw strap-on. 

 If you are an intelligent person, you do not need a gun to protect yourself. You are more likely to die by that gun in the hands of your attacker. I'm sick of this shit...and if it were your kid shot up by a nut, you sure as shit would be as well. I put those kids' blood on the hands of the gee oh pee politicians in Congress just as much as that nutball who shot 'em.

The longest journey we will ever take is from our mind to our heart.

Me-ness eventually becomes meanness.

Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool...and Don't Dismiss The Bliss