Saturday, September 26, 2015

MUNDANE ALERT - I despise ebay.

Some folks on ebay aren't playing with a full deck. Case in point, a buyer leaves a negative feedback on a set of movies that was a really great deal, but because the BOX was broken in the mail, he leaves the seller a negative feedback...this is ridiculous since he should have taken that issue up with the mail carrier and not the seller. The movies this character bought were not damaged, but he wanted the whole thing replaced at the seller's cost, which sounds to me like he was expecting to resell the movies he bought, and still make out like a bandit. I have seen this kind of shit before and ebay does nothing about it, but yet you can't leave a negative feedback about a goddamn buyer. I had a similar problem with this Nazi who I did not want to sell to because it's outside of the United States where if something goes wrong, it's my ass having to pay. I canceled the sale and he leaves me a negative feedback and yet was out no money...ebay leaves the negative on. I fucking hate ebay, but regret not investing in the fucking thing 20 years ago. I would have been rich enough not to have to sell my shit on it.

I know this is mundane shit, but sometimes I gotta vent.

Be cool, be nobody's fool, and don't dismiss the bliss.