Friday, April 1, 2016

Foolproof Methods To Stop #Abortion

Foolproof ways to stop abortion: 

  • 1. Use a rubber; 
  • 2. Get a vasectomy; 
  • 3. Watch video of Donald Trump mocking a disabled man and/or Ted Cruz eating his own snot (definitely a boner killer); 
  • 4. Keep that flaccid thing in your pants; 
  • 5. Hire Lorena Bobbitt to lop it off. 
Notice these are all decisions men should do since men insist on bloviating about what women should do with their ladyparts. Women should not be forced into the horrifying position of having to terminate a pregnancy, especially after a rape or incest. These are not things that are done for fun. 

The anti-abortion movement is a fraud, it's never been about saving babies as those same politicians throw poor families under the bus all the time, even mocking women who have "babies they can't afford"...what these old, white men want to do is prevent women from having sex and to make sure women are obedient to them. My response to these men is: "Go out, buy yourself a nice big dildo, glue it upright to the seat of a chair, sit on it and spin."

Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fools and Don't Vote For Trump or Cruz.

Quantum Mechanic