Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The President's Real Strategy For Syria

The POTUS' strategy all along has been to rattle sabers to get Syria and the world community to flinch, and they have. Obama is not a war monger and while it seemed he was (he fooled even me for a while, and I have a well honed bullshit-o-meter I rented from Will Smith's Agent J), we know now the strategy was merely to threaten military action to get the mice to scurrying. If the Russian proposal is serious (it's in their best interest to prevent extremists from having access to Chem weapons), then Asshat a.k.a. Bashar "Skinny Hitler" Al-ASSad will make nice and we can start focusing on cleaning up our own doorstep for a change. 

Besides, Congress has to get back to trying to defund the Health Care Act, take the US into a lower credit rating with S&P with yet another debt ceiling debacle, shut down the government so Social Security recipients and veterans will be even poorer, and not doing anything constructive for yet another year until people wise up and vote them out in 2014.