Saturday, August 31, 2013

Six Reasons Why POTUS Should Not Attack Syria

Sent POTUS 12 tweets this morning warning him against an attack on #Syria --

I know it's just a series of farts in a hurricane as i am one of millions, but like a good share of the thinking public, I realize that:
  • 1. The military industrial complex wants him to attack using moral justification and what I feel is dubious national security concerns, 
  • 2. It already is being compared to Iraq, which was based on a lie, 
  • 3. An attack of a Russian strategic ally will lead to World War 3 as the attack will be viewed by Putin as THEIR red line, 
  • 4. Unilateral attack without Congress and the rest of the UN sec council and other countries will be viewed as a huge historical and strategic failure after it occurs, regardless of whether it cripples Assad or not, 
  • 5. While it is appalling what Assad has done, we cannot repeat the gigantic error of Iraq, 
  • 6. American people by and large do not support the attack, and they're the ultimate judge, right or wrong, as while we have an eroded democracy, it is still a democracy.  
I hope he will at the very least brings Congress into the decision, following the War Powers Act, and just target the Assad Oil Refineries (his cash cow) if we MUST attack.  Ideally, we should act with words and not the sword.