Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cynical Miracle

As a skeptic while at the same time having faith in a higher power, I had one of those moments evangelicals will call a PTL moment. Now while I do not subscribe to that dogma, I do believe and have seen the power of prayer (or as some would call it, intention by accessing the divine or divine creative vibration a.k.a. using the Holy Spirit to transform metaphysical into physical).

I was dumbfounded and desperate to find a way to do a 3d version of a digital cinema package (the format used by theaters now to play movies or movie clips used prior or between movies for public service announcements or ads) and lo and behold, while looking for an update or instruction to the software I was already using for 2d, DVD-o-Matic, today the same developers released a new software called DCP-o-matic, which has a checkbox for 3d.

I am hoping it works, but more important than that, it's a miracle, albeit small to most people, that today of all days, at the perihelion of my frustration, an answer seemingly came out of nowhere today just when I needed it. Now some would say the Universe conspired to help me and I'm down with that, but I also have faith that my prayer or intention was heard, even without me uttering a word. Not bad for one of the most cynical sods on the planet, no?