Sunday, October 27, 2013

Surveillance State or Stopping An Asteroid With A Feather

Surveillance culture. Been saying since the 1980s that the surveillance state was out of control back then...did ya think it would have improved? ROFLMAO if 60 Minutes indicated license plates could be read from orbit 30 years ago, what did you think they could do now?

If you fart the wrong way, the NSA can tell you what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack. I'm being facetious but come one, people, NOW you're protesting? Patriot act signed in 2001 after a national "event" that some might say was engineered as a method of justifying what the NSA was already doing and nobody said much.

Now, some colostomy bag calling itself Edward Snowden who made sure his ass was covered reveals shit we ignored for decades, and people bitch. A little late to the party, no?

As a country we are great at killing people, watching people, not so good at finding or helping people. We data mine like an old lady hoarding cats.

If you want to make your digital footprint invisible? Take the battery out of your phone, unplug your electronics, especially GPS, and hide in plain sight. Otherwise, you have as much chance of stopping the NSA as you would stopping an asteroid with a feather.