Friday, November 1, 2013

900,000 veterans have 21 fewer meals this that fair to them?

900,000 veterans receive 21 less meals per month thanks to the food stamp cuts going in effect today. Repubs plan to cut 4 million people off SNAP, 98% of those folks are working poor, veterans, elderly and disabled folks, all of whom have little to no voice in government. It is a fact that predatory economics is most effective if billionaires like the Koch Bros., whose goal is to "pare down" the population to a more manageable level finance politicians who only goal is to line their pockets and do little to nothing to improve the lives of those they swore to serve when taking office. 

This must change if we are to call ourselves an advanced society without laughing.  We are an embarrassment to the rest of the planet mainly because we let this happen.  I always hear, "I only vote in presidential elections as this other stuff is unimportant." This could not be further from the truth. EVERY election matters if you want to survive in what is swiftly becoming a slave state. 

So if you are thinking to yourself, "Oh hell, here we go, the Libtard with Asberger's is foaming at the mouth again," you have that right...but deep down, if you don't already suspect it, you will eventually come to the conclusion, hopefully not too late, that i am right about this.