Saturday, November 2, 2013

Doomsday Prepping By The Poor

A lot of poor folks doing doomsday prepping out there right now, thanks to asshole politicians (you know who I mean) who think working poor are "takers." These are the same characters who watch Fox News and that crackhead Stossel saying that poor people are swimming in bennies and cash, which is bullshit.

21 less meals a month may not seem like much, but for people working two jobs and still not making enough (most of the population), it's like a knife in the back on top of higher sales taxes in many states, higher rents, etc. The rich 1% has seen 95% of all the financial gain in this country, and the working class gets stuck with the bill...and you wonder why I'm pissed or give a shit. It's hard not to when I see friends and family barely getting by.

Do you wonder why people sometimes resort to selling their blood or hocking stuff at pawn shops just to pay their bills? This is unacceptable. I will remember this shit in November 2014 (if I live that long) and I hope y'all do, too.