Monday, April 6, 2015

California Drought First Domino in Civil War 2.0

California needs to rethink its water rights & distribution with regard to agriculture, which uses half of the water supply. For example, it takes a gallon of water PER almond. So the next time you buy a bag of almonds, think of the huge amount of water it took to make just one. Since California has been in a severe drought for 4 years, while supplying most of the vegetables we eat, and only has 1 year of water left, the prediction made in Interstellar is coming too true too soon....we're going to have to rethink food and water in America as there will come a time when we'll be killing each other for just a scrap of each of those things, and on a scale that will make the Civil War look like a frat picnic, but without the eats.