Friday, April 10, 2015

Why 2016 Is An Exercise In Futility For Warren Supporters

I love Senator Warren, but let's be realistic...this is a waste of time and money. She has repeatedly said she is not interested. She can better serve in the Senate. Besides, in a general election, because half the country supports the Greed Oppression Piety party and their evil, it's pretty much a snowball's chance in Jim Inhofe's pants that Sen. Warren could win a general election. Even in a primary race against Hillary Clinton, the result would only be a contest to sway Hillary toward progressive issues, which she is already embracing, having been a champion of same in her early days. 

Sen. Warren is awesome and in a perfect world, SHOULD be president. But logic dictates that the world we're in is far from perfect and just chock full of evil a-holes like Rand Paul swaying the hipster doofusses out there. There are too many gullible, uneducated trolls out there who have a vote and too many supposedly smart people who sit home on election day disillusioned about the process and unwilling to study even a little civics to understand that their vote does matter. Those factors alone make it impossible for a Warren win. 

The only chance this country has for survival is if Clinton beats the shizzle out of the gopturd who ends up the nominee on the republiKKKan side. Your money and time is best spent fighting republicans in your town, city, state, and country. FIGHT the gops or we're all toast.