Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Murder Of Walter Scott or America, ApartHATE Style

Isn't it wonderful to live in a country where some cops think that because you're not white, you're just a rabid animal that must be put down?

  • Here I thought 1933-1945 Germany was racist...
  • Then I thought South Africa was racist from 1948 (officially) until 1994 when the Congress Party & Nelson Mandela took the reinst...
Then I remembered that even my people, the Jews, were being rounded up and put in concentration camps long before 'Murica got into the war to take down Hitler...8 years after he started his scourge.
This country was built by slaves, continues to enslave people, especially people of color, through the vast prison system, and still hasn't gotten rid of its ridiculous & illogical obsession with separating people based on race.

The only separation that needs to happen is between religion and the state. The rest of this "otherism" needs to go the way of the dinosaur...extinct.