Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Learning From History Instead Of Trying To Rewrite It.

The folks butthurt about children coming over the border escaping violence and trafficking, which is a huge business in this country, by the way, can blame both themselves and electing idiots in Congress who refuse to do anything to solve problems. 

It's always the folks with too much time on their hands who complain about a perceived problem (which is not really a problem to them personally), yet do nothing but suggest violence as a solution to problems. 

These same turd buckets complain about Palestinians who think air strikes by a well funded Israeli military regime will solve the "Palestinian problem." 

Kind of reminds me of the same folks who decided to do something about a "race problem" in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. 11 Million people, including 6 million Jews and 5 million others of various races and ethnicity were wiped out. 

Or how about America, in which millions upon millions of Native Americans were "removed" from this universe so the White race could once again reign supreme? 

It would be nice if we'd actually learn from history, rather than attempt to rewrite it.

In conclusion, rather than blame the president for doing his job and following the law written before he took office, we should as a nation try to help people rather than shout at them for being victims.  Right, Rick Perry?  Right, Greed Oppression Piety party?

This skewed sense of entitlement is why our nation is so divided, and guess what, people...that's what makes the 1% and the banksters salivate....people with very little fighting against other people with very little. That way, we're all distracted while they burn everything around us and take our money doing it.