Saturday, July 12, 2014

North Carolina Voter Suppression

Open letter to Rev. William Barber who leads the Moral Monday movement in NC:

"Good to see you with Jonathan Capehart on ‪#‎MSNBC‬'s Up With Steve kornacki (Sat. July 12, 2014). I support your efforts. I have family in the Carolinas, and so I know how the Greed Oppression Piety party is desperately trying to destroy voting rights as well as civil rights for people of color.

It is my aim as a writer and radio personality to help reverse that repugnant policy and bring our country to face the truth: we are and have always been a melting pot. The polarization instigated by a small group of evil people needs to end if we are to survive as a nation, or even as a civilization.

Keep up the good fight as you have allies in the intelligentsia and in progressive minded people everywhere.

We need to unite, unite blue, and bring America back from the brink. United we stand, divided we fall. As trite as that may sound to conservatives, it's the absolute truth."