Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sarah Failin' Needs To Go To Mars...Please.

I don't know how anyone with ears not blown out by sitting right on Megadeth's amps could stand Sarah Palin's shrill shill voice. Bad enough she's a racist who says the most ignorant things ever uttered by anyone with more than a double digit IQ and being 7 cans short of a 6 pack, but wow...listening to her for even 10 seconds is literally amplified fingernails on chalkboard painful.

I think repugnicans themselves only listen because they envision themselves with their industrial penis pumps and bottles of Viagra hoping to get those tiny, rubbery worms which are all that's left of their Johnsons into her somehow.

I imagine her getting abducted by aliens and them saying to themselves, "we have nothing to worry about from humans if they're like this's about as bright as tree bark."

God(dess) help us all if America keeps putting up with her/it's vile behavior much longer.