Sunday, August 25, 2013

Credit Bureaus Screwing Americans...with a Chainsaw Strap-on

Watching 60 Minutes regarding the Credit Reporting scam and how Equifax, Transunion and Experian are basically f#cking Americans with a chainsaw strap-on as at least 40 million people have mistakes on their credit report, some deliberate, and that many of them are impossible to remove. Since employers now check credit reports, it can ruin people's chances of getting jobs, let alone loans.

No mention in the story whether the new Consumer Protection Bureau, who the republicans want to destroy, can protect people, but as I have said since Reagan took office, Americans are basically just targets for the rich bitches who actually run the world. And people wonder why I am such a cynic.

I want this on my headstone or on the garbage bag they put me in when they take me to the landfill: F#ck the rich with a chainsaw strap-on. Replace the # with a "u" of course. That is my final answer, Alex Trebek.