Monday, August 26, 2013

Jay Carney MUST do a lot of Zen Meditation

Watching C-Span live press conference with Jay Carney and the salivating members of the corporate media goading and goading him to reveal a decision that has not yet been made as to what kind of response, military or otherwise POTUS will make as to Syria's undeniable, to quote SecState Kerry, use of Chem WMD against its own people. 

Holey cheeses, Maury Povich and Jello Shots, if I were Carney, I'd probably have to take a bottle of valium to keep from saying, "When POTUS is ready after assessment and discussion with Congress and our allies, we will let you know what we're gonna do, and until then, shut your goddamn pie holes, k? Now, I'm gonna go chomp on a fuckin railroad spike and then get drunk. Buh bye."