Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Intern = Slave

Let's take a look at two groups of workers people in power have the lowest regard for...

Intern: a sanitized word meaning SLAVE. These folks are often young, college educated, work long, often unpaid hours with no benefits, often derided, for the privilege of being a lackey for some bourgeoisie shitbag. I'm sure there are better stories for these people somewhere, but in my half century experience, most of those stories are pretty much how I described.

Restaurant Workers, otherwise known as wait staff, bussers, dishwashers, crew...these folks are not that much different from interns in that they are underpaid, often earning no more than 2.13 an hour plus tips (woo hoo, thank you Herman Cain for that travesty), derided, treated like crap, have no health insurance, and unless they look like Jennifer Lawrence, aren't exactly swimming in tip money.

We have a tendency in this country to reward those who rule, and punish those who work for those who rule. It didn't used to be that way as much back in my day, but today, it's disgraceful to level of obscene, and unless it changes, HG Wells prediction of a schism of the human species, where one literally preys on the other as a source of food, will come true 800,000 years early.