Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stop The Unwarranted Hate Speech Against Our President.

To the knockwursts out there who say horrible things about our president, keep in mind he's our president, who, from his actions since 2009, has our best interests in mind, and if you think he isn't doing a good enough job, that's your right guaranteed by the first amendment, but the unreasonable disrespect for the office, the name calling, attacking the man personally or for his race is uncalled for and I won't stand silent.

Keep in mind, also, that virtually everything said on the internet is permanent and as we all know, becomes part of the NSA database, and has been since the incarnation of the internet by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) those many years ago. So the next time you want to be a little coward and think you can type your vitriol to impress your friends, you might want to think twice.

Why not stand for helping others instead of incessant critique of a man who puts his life on the line every day to do so?